14 FEB 2019
IAS 2019 PRELIMS-MOCK QUESTIONS || आई.ए.ए.स 2019 प्रिलिम्स -मौक सवाल

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• CSAT has been qualifying from 2016. So from then UPSC is framing questions from many sources • Now don't focus much on Previous year papers • You may look previous year question papers of CAPF of 1 year back, as sometimes they may ask 1 question on Environment portion.And don't expect more than 1 question. • Also look at 5 year previous year papers of Civil Services.From this also you will get just 1 question only. History : Spectrum for Modern History, Krishna Reddy For Ancient & Medieval History & Nitin Singhania for Indian Culture After this you may look at NCERT Class 6th to 12th, NIOS, TAMIL NADU CLASS 11 & 12th. But the above books are more important. If you have read above books then 90% of History Prelims questions you may solve easily • GEOGRAPHY : Spectrum of Geography, Shankar environment,Oxford Atlas . Also search International Organisations & read About us section from their website. • ECONOMICS : India Year Book- for government Schemes, Economics section like Export of commodities- Import of commodities.Yojana & Kurukshetra from January 2019 to April 2019 for Prelims. Along with this you must look at S. Ramesh too. • POLITICAL SCIENCE :Laxmikant Indian Polity • CURRENT AFFAIRS : You may read from The Hindu website. The Hindu-Editorial columns, Life Style Section, Science & Technology(Sunday),International, Front page, National Column are very important. Mostly History questions & Environment questions are coming from these sections. You must prepare from January 2018 to May 2019. • SCIENCE : Spectrum's Development in Sciencen & Technology or Ravi P. Agrahari's Science & Technology Now you will ask We have not mentioned NCERT BOOKS of all the subjects.NCERT Books are imp. But Since 2016 UPSC is asking questions Mostly from Optional Sources. You must read NCERT BOOKS for basic understanding. As 1-2 questions you may get from NCERT BOOKS TOO. IF YOU DON'T HAVE MUCH TIME IN READING ALL THE ABOVE BOOKS, then you must adopt following two strategies : 1. • YOU MUST LOOK AT OUR IAS- PRELIMS -FRAMED QUESTIONS SECTION:- ON DAILY BASIS WE ARE FRAMING QUESTIONS FROM RELIABLE SOURCES WHICH YOU MUST READ BEFORE PRELIMS EXAMINATION. SINCE PAST YEARS MANY QUESTIONS ARE REPEATING FROM OUR INITIATIVE LINK : IAS-PRELIMS- FRAMED QUESTIONS 2.•THE HINDU CURRENT AFFAIRS COMPILATIONS: Our team is making sincere efforts in making Compilations from The Hindu Newspaper thoroughly & We are Providing The Hindu newspaper Compilations on Monthly basis through Mail Assistance Programme.

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  • आईएएस ( सिविल सर्विसेस ) - महत्वपूर्ण किताबें और रणनीति

    प्रारम्भिक परीक्षा के लिए महत्वपूर्ण किताबें :

    • जबसे सी सैट 2016 से क्वालिफाईंग हुआ है तब से यूपीएससी कई स्त्रोतोँ से प्रश्न तैयार कर रहा है • अब पिछले साल के प्रश्न पत्रोँ पर ज्यादा ध्यान केंद्रित न करें • आप 1 साल पहले के सीएपीएफ के पिछले साल के प्रश्न पत्र देख सकते हैं, कभी-कभी वे पर्यावरण पर 1 प्रश्न पूछ सकते हैं। और 1 से अधिक प्रश्नों की अपेक्षा न करें। • सिविल सेवा के 5 साल के पिछले प्रश्न पत्र भी देखें। इसमें से भी केवल 1 ही प्रश्न की अपेक्षा करेँ । • इतिहास: आधुनिक इतिहास के लिए स्पेक्ट्रम, प्राचीन और मध्ययुगीन इतिहास के लिए कृष्णा रेड्डी और भारतीय संस्कृति के लिए नितिन सिंघानिया । • भूगोल: भूगोल का स्पेक्ट्रम, शंकर पर्यावरण, ऑक्सफोर्ड एटलस। अंतर्राष्ट्रीय संगठनों को भी नैट पर सर्च करेँ और “एबाऊट अस” अनुभाग को वेबसाइट से पढ़ें। •अर्थव्यवस्था: “इन्डिया ईअर बुक” । जनवरी 2019 से अप्रैल 2019 तक प्रारम्भिक परीक्षा के लिए योजना और कुरुक्षेत्र। इसके साथ आपको एस रमेश का भी अध्ययन करना है ।

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