This section is useful for Banking, IAS, SSC,CDS & all other examinations : This is the sample Interview that has been prepared by me & I’ve included important topics also at the end of this sample interview. 1) How are you ? 2) Tell us about yourself ? 3) How you reached here (At place of interview) ? 4) Tell us about your educational qualification ? 5) From which College/University you have completed your graduation ? 6) They may ask about your institution ? 7) What was your percentage from 10th to graduation/ Post graduation ? 8) Why there is variation in percentage of marks ? 9) What is your strength ? 10 ) What is your weakness ? 11) What are your career options ? 12) Why have you been out of work so long ? 13) Okk.. Where you live ? 14) How many members are there in your family ? 15) What are you hobbies ? 16) Which books do you read ? 17) Tell us about your place ? 18) Which industries are located at your place ? Can you name them ? 19) They may ask about rivers that are flowing through your city. 20) They may ask from your profession like You are Engineering/Doctor then why you are interested to join this field ? you can give your best through your profession also. 21) They may ask questions from surroundings like *How fan helps to evaporate perspiration? *Process through which mobile phone operates (This question will take towards physics),etc.etc. 22) India’s advancement in science & technology 23) What is Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana ? 24) What is Planning commission ? 25) Why there is a need to replace planning commission with Niti Ayog ? How it can be helpful to our country ? 26) Recently President of America visited India on Republic Day,so what agreements have been signed between these two countries ? 27) Discuss Media’s role in bringing transparency ? 28) Should India get membership in security council of India ? Why some developed nations are opposing this demand ? 29) Recently in Delhi elections, one party has promised in manifesto to provide Electricity, Water,Internet free of cost.Do you agree with this step ? Why ? 30) Why there Is need to provide water resource free of cost ? (relate with this above question) 31) Discuss India’s relations with Brazil . 32) What is the issue of Article 370 ? 33) Does J & K is the part of India ? If yes then why it has been given special status ? 34) Why Sparrows & Vultures are endangered ? 35) Steps to combat Tuberculosis ? 36)Should we stop National Games ? 37)Do you think by 2020 we will travel in Metro ? Yes/ No ? give reasons 38)Being an administrator what important steps will you adopt to eradicate slums from your area ? 39)Do you think Lokpal & Lokayukta will be responsible for removing corruption ? Yes/ No? 40)If No then why many social activists are forcing to bring lok pal ? 41)Why recently it has been found that birds population is falling at sanctuaries ? 42)Why Base Year has been changed for calculating national accounts ? 43)Is Aadhar card mandatory ? Yes/ No ?..give reason 44)Why recently oil prices are falling ? What will be its impact on India ? 45)What are your views on “None of the above” choice given by Election Commission to voters ? 46)Is Educational qualification mandatory for politicians ? Yes/ No ? give reasons… If yes why many of the leaders are not well qualified ? What will be its impact on our country ? 47)Through TV/ Newspapers you might have listened about match fixing, Why many players inspite of getting handsome money are getting involved in match fixing ? How it can be stopped ? 48)Do you feel IPL should be stopped ? yes / No ? Give reasons 49) Why Indian railway is not getting on its track inspite of getting a large amount of money. 50) What steps will you take as an administrator for women security ? 51) Recently in Delhi, State Government has announced free water & electricity with limitations. What are your views on this ? 52) Why other states are not able to provide cheap electricity & water ? 53) Recently home ministry has ordered to stop the telecast of rapist’s interview. Give your views . 54) What is the issue going on Land Acquisition bill ? Is this bill against the farmers or in favour of Industrialists ? What are your views ? Why everyone is opposing this bill ? 54) Discuss FDI in Indian railways ? 55) Government has forced to doctors to prescribe generic drugs in place of trade names. How long do you agree with this ? 56) Govt. has banned to promote health related advertisements as for vaccination against Cervical cancer & other cancers? What are your views on this ? 57) How will you differentiate between Chandrayaan-I & Chandrayaan-II mission ? TOPICS MUST BE PREPARED FOR INTERVIEW : • Five year plan • India’s GDP • Foreign Trade • Capital of States like Punjab, Haryana, J & K • Special Status of J & K • CBI • 73rd & 74th Amendment • Green revolution • Naxal Issues • Industries of your state • Rivers flowing in your state • Prepare on basic GK like railway minister, home minister, external affairs minister, Petroleum Minister, Finance Minister,etc. • What are commercial banks ? • Prepare long note on RBI • Foreign Exchange reserves • Difference between FDI(Foreign Direct Investment) & FII (Foreign Institutional Investment) • Views on FDI in Insurance bill • NABARD • Financial Inclusion • What is Organic Farming ? • What are GMO foods (Genetically Modified Foods) ? • Soil erosion ? • Steps to prevent soil erosion • Money Laundering • Black money • What is crystallization ? • What is galvanization ? • Steps to combat tuberculosis ? • Should we stop national games ? • MNREGA • Land Acquisition Bill • Insurance bill • Industrial Corridors • Nalanda Project • Judicial Appointment Commission • Electronic Voting Machine • Lokpal bill • Polavaram Project • Read whole article on western ghats • What is Bancassurance ? • Aadhar • Gas pricing • Maritime silk road policy ? • Most Favoured Nation ? • Ukraine crisis • What is Disinvestment ? • Explain little about on WTO (World Trade Organisation) • Base Year • India -Syria relations • Falling of oil prices • Kundankulam units • Direct benefit transfer for LPG scheme • 3-D printing • Regional Rural Banks • Relation of India with China • Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana • Citizenship Act 1955 ? • Cyber War ? • India’s mission on moon • Agriculture Bioscurity Authority • Arms Trade Treaty • Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas • Bharat Ratna ? • Presidential & Parliamentary form of government • Reservations in government sector & private sector • Planning Commission • Stem Cell • Kepler Mission • Difference between Chandrayaan-I & Chandrayaan-II mission IMPORTANT TOPICS TO READ:: 1) What is Revenue budget & Capital Budget? 2) Tax & Non-tax revenue ? 3) India’s Fiscal Administration 4) Internal & External Debt 5) Fiscal deficit 6) Deficit Financing 7) What are direct taxes & Indirect Taxes? 13th Finance Commission 9) food & Security Mission 10) What are deposits? Give its types. 11) Give bad & Good impacts of Inflation? 12) Methods to control Inflation? 13) DICGC(Deposit Insurance & Credit Guarantee Corporation) 14) About RBI 15) Basic Banking Terms like CRR,REPO,REVERSE REPO,,etc etc. 16) Monetary Policy Of RBI 17) What are Open Market Operations? 18) Current Account & Saving Account 19) Bancassurance? 20) Universal Banking? 21) Take out Financing? 22) NPA(Non-Performing Assets)? 23) Regional Rural Bank 24) Financial Inclusion 25) Lead Bank Scheme ? 26) What are shares, Bonds & debentures, Securities, IPO ? 27) Primary & Secondary Market ? 28) Current Acoount Deficit 29) Use of force by banks to recover loans 30) Privatisation will lead to less corruption 31) Globalisation ? Why is it essential ? 32) Disinvestment ? 33) Hike in oil prices—Reason & Methods to deal with high prices? 34) Business Transaction Management 35) swarnajyanti rojgar yojna 36) What is current MSF,REPO, BANK RATE? 37) About BSBDA (bASIC SAVING BANK DEPOSIT ACCOUNT) 38) About Tagore award ? 39) CIBIL 40) AAM AADMI BIMA YOJANA ? 41) Waqf (Amendment) Bill, 2013 42) Mobile Number Portability? 43) Your Views on Negative voting ? 44) Biomedical and Health Research Regulation Bill, 2013 45) World Gold Council (WGC)? 46) Why RBI has instructed banks against offering zero interest EMI schemes? 47) Why there is hardening in yield on government securities/bonds? 48) about SARFAESI act - The Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act, 2002 ? 49) Federal Reserve Bank ? 50) Micro Industries ? PREPARED BY: UPSC ONLINE ACADEMY, UTTARAKHAND New Topics Will be Uploaded very soon…