NOTE : ALL THE 122 LISTED TOPICS HAVE BEEN FULLY FRAMED AS PER EXAMINATION POINT OF VIEW. PLZ DOWNLOAD THE SAMPLE FILE FROM THE ABOVE LINK. NEW TOPICS : 1. Is CAA against the spirit of the Indian Constitution? What are the social and economic ramifications? 2. New India @75 3. Mob Lynching 4. Article 370 abrogation in Kashmir 5. Feminism 6. Higher Education versus skill acquisition 7. scrapping of section 377 - the latest addition to Human rights protection 8. Impact of increasing oil prices on Indian economy 9.Judiciary and its working 10. Water disputes between States. 11. Modi’s agricultural schemes in the era of rampant farmer suicide 12. India's role in changing global world order 13. Foreign Policy of Modi era 14. National health protection scheme 15. Nationalism debate 16. Indian Model of Secularism 17. Digitalisation Drive 18. India’s standing in BRICS countries. 19. Pollution Crisis in urban areas 20. Cultural Transformation in 21st century ESSAY WRITING FRAMED TOPICS :(300 WORDS) 1. SWACCH BHARAT ABHIYAN 2. VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN IN INDIA 3. IMPORTANCE OF NATIONAL INTEGRATION 4. GLOBAL TERRORISM AND ITS EFFECT 5. IMPACT OF GLOBAL WARMING ON OCEANS 6. WHY PLASTIC BAGS SHOULD BE BANNED 7. ROLE OF HUMAN ACTIVITIES IN GLOBAL WARMING 8. CAUSES AND EFFECTS OF GLOBAL WARMING 9. CASTEISM IN INDIAN POLITICS 10. SAFETY OF WOMEN IN INDIA 11. SUGAMYA BHARAT ABHIYAN 12. ISSUES AND PROBLEMS FACED BY WOMEN IN INDIA 13. ORGAN TRAFFICKING 14. ROLE OF JUDICIARY IN THE COUNTRY TODAY 15. EK BHARAT SHRESHTHA BHARAT 16. STARTUP INDIA STANDUP INDIA 17. IMPORTANCE OF PATRIOTISM 18. ELECTIONS – AN INTEGRAL PART OF DEMOCRACY 19. 10 Per Cent Reservation For General Category 20. Can fake news affect voting pattern in India 21. Adultery is not a crime 22. Decriminalization of 377 23. Why India needs judicial reforms? 24. How the goal of energy security can be achieved in India? 25. India’s Informal Labour Force 26. Long-term solution for Air Pollution 27. Cyber Security in India 28. Malnutrition in India 29. Reservation System in India 30. Governance and public service delivery in India 31. Infrastructure Sector in India 32. Flood Governance in India 33. Crowdfunding in India 34. Making Schools Safe for Children 35. Role of Science and Technology in Geopolitics 36. Role of GI Tag in India’s Growth 37. Challenges to Freedom of press 38. Role of women in socio-economic growth 39. Farmer suicides over the past decades-causes & solutions 40. “Caste System – India’s Enduring Curse” 41. “Panchayati Raj In India” 42. “Nationalism and internationalism are opposing and mutually exclusive” 43. “Reforming our criminal justice system to improve conviction rates” 44. “DISASTER – RISK REDUCTION & MANAGEMENT” 45. “Education for all” policy in India-Challenges, Loopholes and Prospects” 46. “Are the standardized tests good measure of academic ability or progress?” 47. “Multilateralism Vs Regionalism : Which is Good for World Economy?” 48. “We do not have to sacrifice a strong economy for a healthy environment " 49. The New Emerging Women-Power 50. The Focus of Healthcare is Increasingly Getting Skewed Towards the ‘Haves’ of our Society ARGUMENTS WRITING FRAMED TOPICS (200 WORDS) : 1.ONE NATION ONE POLL – BAD IDEA 2. MILITARY SERVICE MUST BE MADE COMPULSORY FOR THOSE SEEKING CENTRAL & STATE GOVERNMENT JOBS 3. DEATH PENALTY MUST BE ABOLISHED 4. Is It Time for India to End Caste Based Reservations? 5. SPORTS BETTING SHOULD BE LEGALISED IN INDIA 6. By Diluting the SC/ST Act, the Supreme Court has Failed as an Institution of Social Justice 7. RBI should Issue Digital Currency in India 8. RBI has Failed as a Watchdog to check banking Crisis and Banking Frauds in India 9. Leak of Question Papers from Institutions like CBSE can be Prevented by resorting to online delivery of question papers 10. Women on Banknotes will Improve Economic Growth and Gender Equality 11. India should Ban Facebook in India 12. India should Revert to the old Practice of Paper Ballots in Elections 13. Active Euthanasia should be Made Legal in India 14. Compulsory attendance in Universities is not a Progressive Step 15. Education can alone end gender disparity in India 16. India should Spend More on Defence even if it Means Spending Less on Health or Education 17. India should have Allowed Rohingya Refugees to take Refuge in India 18. Lack of Political Will is the Main Cause for India’s Low Ranking in Human Development Index despite Relatively High Levels of Economic Growth 19. Modern India doesn’t need either Censoring or Censor Board for Movies 20. There should be Reservation for Women in Higher Judiciary 21. Peaceful Anti-National Slogans Can Threaten The Republic of India 22. The Existing ban on Sex-selective Abortions should be Removed 23. Terrorism has No Religion 24. Is Corruption the Root Cause of Poverty in India? 25. India Should Produce More Nuclear Bombs 26. Banning Porn – Does This Measure Protect ‘Culture’ and Morality REPORT WRITING FRAMED TOPICS : (200 WORDS) 1. Highway closure in Jammu & Kashmir 2. AMRITSAR DUSSHERA TRAGEDY 3. ME TOO MOVEMENT 4. KERALA FLOODS 5. KIMBERLEY PROCESS 6. MISSION RAKSHA GYAN SHAKTI 7. Implementation of GST in India 8. Implementation of new currency notes in India 9. Plastic usage awareness in district 10. Doklam crisis 11. India’s energy security 12. Stone peting issue in J & K 13. Triple Talaq bill 14. Cyber crime 15. Sport possibilities in India 16. Indian econoy will be third largest economy in coming years 17. Noise pollution in big cities 18. Misuse of Armed Forces Special Power Act 19. India opts not to join global terror database 20. BEGGING IN INDIA 21. INEQUALITY IN INDIA 22. DROUGHT IN INDIA 23. MALNUTRITION IN INDIA 24. CHILD LABOUR IN INDIA 25. MINING IN TRIBAL AREAS 26. GANGA POLLUTION IN INDIA APART FROM THE ABOVE YOU WILL GET PDF FILE OF ENGLISH PASSAGES , ENGLISH GRAMMAR ,PRECISE WRITING ========================================================== NCERT COMPILATIONS [FREE]

  • * Compilations are in two volumes - Volume -1 (History,Indian Culture, Science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Political Science), Volume-2 (Economics, Geography & Environment) & MAPS COMPILATIONS . BOOKS COVERED IN MAKING COMPILATIONS / NOTES : -MAPS COMPILATIONS - FROM MRUNAL.ORG (Pages:164): -HISTORY (Pages:188): NIOS, NEW NCERT Class 6th to 12th ,TAMIL NADU CLASS 11th, BIPIN CHANDRA, WIKIPEDIA (ANCIENT HISTORY ONLY is in the form of MCQs so that it could be easy to remember & rest of the part is in the form of descriptive form/ Subjective form. Plz download sample file from the above link) INDIAN CULTURE (pages:61): NIOS CULTURAL HERITAGE, CCRT INDIA.GOV.IN (EVERYTHING IS IN THE DESCRIPTIVE / SUBJECTIVE FORM ) -GEOGRAPHY (pages:465): SHANKAR IAS-ENVIRONMENT, NEW NCERT Class 6th to 12th -POLITICAL SCIENCE (Pages:70): NEW NCERT Class 11th to 12th LAXMIKANT INDIAN POLITY QUESTIONS GIVEN AT THE BACK SIDE OF THE BOOK (Pages:87) -ECONOMICS (pages:95)- NEW NCERT Class 9th to 12th -PHYSICS (Pages:22) - NEW NCERT Class 11th to 12th -BIOLOGY (Pages:51)- NEW NCERT Class 11th to 12th -CHEMISTRY - NEW NCERT Class 11th to 12th -SCIENCE (Pages:48)- NEW NCERT Class 7th to 10th

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